ST Plus Rotavator

The ST Plus Rotavator we deal are accessible with simple construction as well as robust design. These are perfect for the dry land application in wet and hard soil land cultivation. Their key features are sturdy gear box, light weight, less power consumption, robustly made crown pinion, compact size, and others.

Paddy Rotavator

The Paddy Rotavators are highly useful for the land preparation. These are efficient for transplanting of paddy and can assist in the preparation of the seedbed for. These solutions are totally appropriate for Paddy crops.

Mini Rotavator

The Mini Rotavators are highly used for small farms, vegetables, gardening zones, orchards, and nurseries. These are useful for soil conditioning as well as weed control. They are apt for the seedbed preparation and can work well with mini as well as lower HP tractor.

Super Seeder

The Super Seeder we deal in is highly useful for ploughing. It is extensively used for single operation and works well with a super-SMS attachment. This is a combination of Seed Planter and rotary tiller. It is needed for planting the wheat, grass and soybean.

Laser Leveler

Laser Levelers we offer are available in several sorts of dissimilar varieties. These are accessible with a different construction and are highly needed for the home improvement projects. These control tools of rotating laser beam projector are applicable for construction and surveying.

Disc Plough

The Disc ploughs are made to work with all types of soil. These are used to perform the functions of soil raising, soil turning, soil breaking, and soil mixing. They are needed to process the stony areas and are apt to be used at the rocky and rooted areas.

MB Plough

The MB Ploughs are functional as the main tillage implement. These are suited for primary tillage operations and are made to cut buries and trash. These are made to protect the farm from the pests and enable healthy growth of crops.


The Cultivators we deal in are needed to improve the soil aeration and maintain the soil moisture levels. Their function can enable the formation of nutrients in the soil. These are highly economical on the grounds of running costs and can perform the task of small footprint.


Your choice of model depends on many factors such as the number of materials to be processed, the area available to install baler as well as budget. You can rely on Sietz Technologies India Private Limited to guide you through your purchase and ensure that the baler you choose will meet both current and future needs.

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